The Boat

This is a great example in interactive storytelling. Take some amazing hand-painted scenes presented with a story that draws you in and plenty of technology behind the curtains.

See the full experience here

SBS Online also brought us this online documentary:

Google Doodle and Typography

I'm really liking the Google home page illustration from yesterday. The colors, typography and texturing are all really nice looking. Not only is the image easy to watch in a trance-like state, it clicked through to awesome information as usual. It was Inge Lehmann's 127th birthday - a lady who changed the way the world thinks, and the way we think we stand upon it.

An excerpt from wiki:

Inge Lehmann ForMemRS (May 13, 1888 – February 21, 1993) was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist. In 1936, she discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core. Before that, scientists believed Earth's core to be a single molten sphere. However, seismologists had been unable to explain careful measurements of seismic waves from earthquakes, which were inconsistent with the Earth having a single molten core. Lehmann analysed the seismic wave measurements, and she concluded that Earth must have a solid inner inside a molten outer core to produce seismic waves that matched the measurements. Other seismologists tested and and then accepted Lehmann's explanation.

Disrupting New Media and Verticals

This is an amazing article. Below is a little teaser of the type of disrupting you might be reading into.

If I can build on that, I'd like to point out the right column content area labeled just as honestly.

Sony's Waterproof Camera Finds a Natural Collaborator

I like this spot Sony released for their new camera, the Cyber-Shot TX30. It seems to tie in with the environment for obvious reasons. I'm not sure if the video fully conveys the octopus reacting to people entering the room, and in return finding the camera to snap a shot. I do know it worked really hard to get its tentacles into the unnecessarily engineered tunnel for the trigger. So congrats to that, and I suppose that made me believe it a little more.

All that aside, the logo was the best thing I saw. I'd love to check out the new camera though.

Apparently it's a girl named Rambo, which is amazing. I also learned that octopi and camera theft has been a mild epidemic among aquatic explorers in recent years.

Bumpers, Stop-Motion and Daisy Fuentes from 90s MTV

This is the brilliance that made me want to get into video and art, and video mixed with art - as we now call motion graphics.

I'll start with a clip of, what I considered at the age of 13, the best MTV Bumper in the Live Action Category.


A classic series of MTV Shorts, including Joe's Apartment at the 5:30 mark. Singing roaches and first dates.


Gnarly. So, let's sign off on a positive note with Miss Daisy Fuentes (another best from MTV, but in a 13-year-old-queezy-stomach way), who tells us about an opportunity she has for us to embrace.

Google's Material Design Documentation

I’ve noticed in the most recent updates to mobile operating systems that motion graphics has been a big focus. Maybe I’m just paying attention to those things given my interests, but in Apples launch of iOS 7 there were a ton of new animations to help the user keep a sense of orientation to where they are going and where they are headed. Google recently released a style guide entitled Material Design, with an entire section dedicated to animation, focused on helping developers and designers create better experiences. There are even links to code for developers to quickly solve for these desired additions.